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What you can do during your stay

The hotel is located at a "nodal point" of historical and special ecological importance.
Consequently, during your stay you can indulge in a multitude of activities, depending on your interests:
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Tour to famous landmarks such as Olympus, Vergina, Meteora

Historically, it is located near the City of Dion, at the foot of Mount Olympus, an ancient city of strategic importance, but also the holy city of the ancient Macedonians. So it is worth a visit as the open Archaeological Park of Dion is a long walk on cobbled streets in a forest of centuries-old trees, lakes and waters and a unique mysterious atmosphere. In Dion there is also perhaps the largest ancient mosaic in Greece, an area of 100 square meters which is kept in the The Archaeotheke, a space next to the museum of Dion which was built specifically for the exhibition of the Dionysos mosaic. 

Travel up to ancient Aigai, the first capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia, discovered in the 19th century near Vergina. Where the Macedonian king Philip II lived and died (382-336 BC.) and his son, Alexander the Great, was crowned king shortly before he began building his legendary empire. It is not just an archaeological wonder, but one of the largest burial sites in the world -along with Mycenae, Troy and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt- because, like them, the most important historical tombs (including Philip II '), they were discovered by Professor Manolis Andronikos inviolate and intact, a fact that caused global excitement and mobilization of the archaeological community.

The imposing archeological museum of the royal tombs of Vergina, built underground and covered on the outside with soil, creates the impression of an ancient burial tumulus. By maintaining constant temperature and humidity conditions, the underground building encases and protects the ancient monuments: the royal tombs of Vergina and the magnificent frescoes of the Rapture of Persephone and the royal hunt, the only original works of great painters of classical antiquity that have reached to us until today. Admire the museum's impressive exhibits, such as the impressive Golden Larnaca which weighs11 kilograms and contained the bones of the dead king, and the Golden Wreath, the heaviest surviving wreath from Greek antiquity, consisting of 313 leaves and 68 acorns.

Visit Meteora, the "sacred, unaltered and inviolable place", which UNESCO has designated as a "Preserved and Protected Monument of Humanity". Where the sight of the towering dark rocks is awe-inspiring, as nestled in their peaks and caves since the 11th century, are the monasteries of Meteora. Today, climbers from all over the world come to Meteora, to face off with the mysterious rocks.


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Tours to Traditional Landmarks

Organize small excursions to traditional sights of the area. Escape to Palaios Panteleimonas, a traditional settlement just 8 kilometers from Platamonas, which keeps the tradition of the area alive. At an altitude of 440 meters, it has been used in recent years, since it had been abandoned by its residents, and enjoy traditional food and grilled local meats in the taverns of the village.

Visit and light a candle in the Church of Agios Panteleimon in the village square with the old plane trees and continue your walk on the cobbled streets.

A stone's throw from the center of Platamonas is its famous medieval Castle. Built in a strategic position, it stands proud for hundreds of years controlling the road of Northern and Southern Greece. It is a well-preserved castle with an imposing central tower, while inside you can see the Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi that was built between the 10th and 11th centuries. If you find yourself in Platamonas during the summer, you can also watch some concerts inside the castle, which are organized as part of the Olympus festival.

Go for a morning swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean below the castle, continuing to the beach of Panteleimon.

Escape up to Palaioi Poroi (Pourlia). It is a small village in the nature with very good food. Walk among the stone houses and its picturesque cobblestone streets. The old stone school of the village functions today as a tavern. It is only 7.6 kilometers from Platamonas and is located at an altitude of 600 meters.

Take afternoon walks on the beach of Platamonas with its many cafes and bars, stores, but also shops to buy souvenirs. Stop at the Church of Metamorfosi Sotiros and light a candle. It is celebrated on the 6th of August and grapes are distributed to the world, after being blessed, for a good harvest.

Climb up to the Church of Agios Konstantinos and Eleni to have a panoramic view of the area.

And finally, you are on Olympus! In a worldwide world known for its ecological characteristics and unique natural beauty. The Olympus National Park is a place of special ecological importance, as more than 1700 plant species have been recorded in the wider area, a number which represents approximately 25% of the entire Greek flora, while 26 of them you will find exclusively on Olympus. At the same time, there is a great variety in both vertebrates and invertebrates.

Explore it through a walk on one of the many hiking trails that answer the Forest. The route to the Prionia Mountain Shelter, with the mountain cuisine and the Orlia waterfall in which you can also bathe, is noteworthy.

Hiking on the special paths, bicycle tours in the area, horseback riding, mountain climbing, paragliding, rafting in the most beautiful rivers of Pieria, are just some of the activities for those who love to combine their holidays with sports in nature.
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