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After a long European journey, and working for many years in Paris, Italy and Berlin, Dimitris Agorastos returned to Greece with the aim of offering his own taste philosophy and experience to the Greek public also.
And of course he succeeded. He operated two very successful restaurants and at the same time, knowing his wife Litsa, they built a wonderful family, who supported him and continue to support all his endeavors.
As a restless and creative spirit, but also mainly with his love for his hometown of Platamonas, he decided to create something new and completely particular, something that would be his own ultimate expression for the concept of Greek hospitality, but also a "repayment” from all his taste “journeys”.

So in May of 2019, after several years of planning and construction, "Agorastos Luxury Living" opened its doors, a new venture that was essentially the upgrade of his family's rental rooms.
It is located at the foot of Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, where on its high, misty and cloud-filled peaks and the changeable charm of its nature, the 12 Olympian gods had their palaces.
In this blessed place, which combines the breeze of the mountains with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and is worldwide known, both for its ecological characteristics and unique natural beauty, as well as for its relationship with ancient Greek mythology and inspired by these, he created his own place, which wanted to be more than a modern and equipped hotel that would provide all the comforts.
His deeper purpose was to be able to convey a different holiday experience, away from the routine of the city and close to the daily life of nature.

Another goal of Dimitris is, the hotel in addition of being a place of relaxation, to become a culinary destination, which will highlight the rich local cuisine and the purity of its ingredients.
Of course, due to its privileged position, at the foot of the mythical Olympus, Dimitris has planned additional ...surprises for you, which are described in the "OLYMPUS MOUNTAIN COOKING" section and in which customers, as well as interested parties in general, will be able to take part, regardless of their accommodation at the hotel or not.
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