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Olympos Mountain Cooking

His passion for cooking and his love for his hometown Platamonas, was the motivation for the creation of Agorastos Luxury Living.

However, Dimitris' purpose, in addition to a wonderful accommodation, is to offer his guests a culinary experience by combining inspired cooking with pure local products.

Especially Pieria, with its geophysical variety, is full of culinary diversity. Wild boar, mussels and shrimps have their due and you can taste them in the hotel's kitchen, by Dimitris Agorastos. And not only!
You can also participate
in these activities of Dimitris, as he has prepared 3 special culinary programs for similar taste experiences lovers!
 - Agorastos Luxury Living

1. Olympus: Cooking on the Mountain!

"My love for Olympus, mushrooms and flavors, gave me the idea of organizing excursions to the mountain of the gods, searching of all its "treasures", with fellow travelers all those who have the same interests as me and finally, all together cook in nature, overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean.... Simply magically..."

Visit to the "secret" places where the local cuisine magic unfolds.

1.  Gathering at the hotel and transportation, with first visit and
     stop to Palaios Panteleimonaς village for coffee.
2.  We continue our tour to lake Kati, where we will taste
     local dishes accompanied by wine or tsipouro. 
3.  The end of our excursion will be in our "Cabin" in the woods,
     where we will have a live cooking class with everyone's 
     participation and finally we will enjoy our meal in the forest.

Cost: €100 / person


 - Agorastos Luxury Living

2. Olympus: Truflles...hunting!

"Olympus is probably the most ideal place for hunting truffles and mushrooms, since its flora is one of the rarest in Greece. So I thought to organize excursions for hunting and gathering mushrooms and truffles..."

Routes through the mountain paths, where accompanied by our companion, since we have had her since she was a baby, the Lagotto Romagnolo breed dog ARTEMIS, specially trained for this role, we roaming around the area searching for mushrooms, but also MAINLY for the precious summer or winter truffles !

If indeed we are lucky in this hunt, having of course the necessary equipment, we end up in our now well-known "Cabin" in the forest, where we cook and taste the labors of our hunt on the spot!

Cost: €100/ person


 - Agorastos Luxury Living

3. Olympus: The Wine Roads

"Wine, like silk in the past, has created a special geography. Its "roads" in Greece cross through its most important wine-growing regions, and more specifically in Macedonia: from Imathia, to Kavala, Drama, Pieria, Larissa and Florina.
Wine tourism offers first and foremost direct contact with nature. Taste classic or new "labels" in the full cellars of the caring local winemakers and indulge in the sweet euphoria of the magical world of wine in the peaceful Greek nature with a glass of red, white or rosé wine, with wonderful aromas wafting through the atmosphere. Life takes on the real meaning of simple, but how precious pleasures! Wine gladdens the heart”….

Gathering at the hotel and excursions to selected local wineries. We see how wine is made, take tours of the facilities and taste the best labels and agings of named vineyards.

Cost: €50 / person


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